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How to change or Reset windows 10 password using command prompt 2022

Have you forgotten or lost the Windows 10 user login password of your PC? If you are using Microsoft account to log in then you can reset it online at Microsoft’s site. But if you have a local admin account and Looking for reset Windows 10 password without using any third party software? Here how to change or reset windows 10 password using the command prompt. It’s very simple and easy you only need Windows 10 installation media to access command prompt window to Reset Windows 10 Local Admin Password.

Reset Windows 10 Local Admin Password

As PC is locked we can t perform any action there, we need to boot from windows installation media to perform feature steps. If you don’t have Read how to create Windows 10 installation media from here.

Note: Also here on command prompt window you can run command

net user Administrator /active:yes

This will enable the hidden administrator account, and allow to access your Windows PC.

Resetting Windows 10 passwords via command prompt is the best free option to help you unlock
a locked PC. However, it could be a big challenge for average users who had never known or
used the command prompt in their life. For them, programs with GUI is the preferred method as
only a few clicks can reset the password.

Take Androidphonesoft Windows Password Recovery for example, find another Windows PC
and download the program. Then insert a USB and burn the password reset utility to the USB.
After that, boot the locked Windows 10 from the USB and remove the password from the target
account. This is much faster than using the command prompt for Windows password reset.

Also, you can use Free Windows Password Recovery Tools like Ophcrack, Kon-Boot, Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, to recover your windows passwords. Have you reset the forgotten Windows 10 password? Let us know on the comments below, Also read:

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